Redesign, Redecorate Your Room

redesignNot every project needs to start from zero. Even “favorite spaces” can benefit from professional attention. ASI Interiors can give any room that “Design Professional” look, bringing new energy to familiar surroundings and furnishings.

A life well lived is a progression, an evolution through experience and time. Perspective changes with more experience and less anticipation. This occurs in simple and subtle ways. From time to time the space we live in needs simple and subtle change to reflect this; emphasis shifts, mood and color evolve to reflect this progression.

A deft touch is required to effect this change. Collaborate with ASI and bring the designer’s eye to this process. We bring experience and sensitivity to coordinate an orderly process to renew the space and reflect new lifestyle. Often a few well considered updates in furniture and finishes can be combined with favorites to bring new energy and life to your space while respecting the elements that made it a “favorite”.

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